Taga Platinum One bookshelfspeakers.

Platinium one

The Platinum ONE - our designers and engineers paid special attention to this project – the difficult goal was to design this small Beauty giving it very powerful and jaw-dropping sound performance. It took more than 6 months of hard work and repeated tests and adjustments after the final and satisfactory result has been achieved.

So here it goes: we are proudly presenting the Platinum ONE:

Small in Size – Big in Heart!

 This premium speaker is a great choice for shelf or stand mounting for demanding stereo and home theaters systems.

 The Platinum ONE beautiful and rounded little vented cabinet is made of very dense MDF material to ensure exceptional rigidity and limit distortion and vibrations.

 The award-winning and highly acclaimed TPTTD Pure Titanium Dome tweeter utilizing TWG TAGA Waveguide and TTP Top Plate was upgraded for even more spacious, crystal clear and rich highs and to achieve higher volumes.

 The upgraded 4” mid woofer with TPAIC Taga Pure Aluminum Injection-molded Chassis utilizing oversized double magnet structure, TAVS Taga Air Ventilation System and a long-throw paper cone with pure aluminum dust cap ensures deeper bass and wonderfully open and rich midrange.

 The Platinum ONE is great companion for our range of hybrid amplifiers as well as perfect matching with vacuum tubes or transistor amplifiers.

Its analog-like sound coupled with exceptional dynamics and expression makes the Platinum ONE the best bargain for high-end oriented audiophiles and for smaller and mid-sized listening rooms.